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Falls are the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related death. Whether you fall at work, at home, or on someone else’s property, the consequences can be overwhelming. Even people who survive slip and fall accidents can face life-changing injuries. Worse, slip and fall accidents frequently occur because property owners fail to maintain their premises.

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Where Do Slip and Falls Occur?

Slip and falls can occur anywhere and at any time. They frequently occur at work and can be resolved via workers’ compensation. Other common sites of slip and fall accidents include shops, restaurants, museums, and even public land.

In Reading, for example, you could be injured while working in one of the area’s many hospitals or schools, slip and fall in a historic building like the Parker Tavern, or get hurt at a public park. If your accident was caused by hazardous or defective conditions, you may be entitled to compensation.

Rules and time limits for filing your claim will depend on where your accident took place. We can help you through slips, trips, and falls on public, private, and commercial property. Discuss your case with our Reading slip and fall lawyers today.

What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents?

Unsafe or defective conditions lead to slip and fall accidents. These conditions can be as simple as a wet floor or as complex as an active construction site. Property owners have a duty to keep visitors safe, which means correcting defective conditions or warning visitors about hazards.

If a property owner knew or should have known about a dangerous condition and failed to remedy it or warn visitors, they can be held responsible for any injuries that occur.

Some common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Spills that haven’t been cleaned up
  • Freshly mopped or waxed floors
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Loose floorboards, rugs, or mats
  • Worn-out carpeting
  • Stray cords and electrical wires
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Dilapidated staircases
  • Broken, damaged, or missing handrails
  • Building code violations
  • Debris left on the floor
  • Potholes in the parking lot
  • Snow and ice

If you are injured by any of these conditions while shopping, dining out, browsing a museum or historical site, or even visiting a friend, tell us about your case ASAP.

Premises liability cases are not always easy, but we will fight for your rights!

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The statute of limitations for slip and fall accidents in Massachusetts is 3 years. This means you have 3 years from the date of your fall to file a claim. In some cases, you have even less time, as government-owned properties are held to different deadlines.

Missing a deadline can jeopardize your right to justice, which is why we encourage you to call the Law Offices of Stephen M. Hughes, P.C. right away. Attorney Hughes has nearly 30 years of experience handling slip and fall accidents in Reading and around Eastern Massachusetts. He is an involved member of the community (and a local firefighter!) who truly cares about your case, and as a former Marine, he knows how to fight for your rights.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

Falls can result in hospital visits, serious injuries, and even death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and 1 out of 5 falls results in serious injury (broken bones, TBI, etc.). Nearly 3 million people are treated for fall injuries in emergency departments each year, and if fall rates continue to rise, the United States can expect to suffer 7 fall-related deaths every hour by 2030. Falls are also responsible for 27% of nonfatal work injuries that result in days off of work.

Common slip and fall injuries include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Dislocated joints
  • Broken bones (especially wrists, arms, and ankles)
  • Hip fractures
  • Knee damage
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs)
  • And more

The older you are, the more serious a slip and fall accident is likely to be. People over 65 are especially vulnerable to slip and falls and the serious injuries they can cause.

If carelessness caused your accident or the accident of a loved one, you can take legal action today.

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